About Us

Our Story
The name "Lilies & Lumens Interiors" was inspired by the timeless beauty of lilies and the warm glow that good lighting brings to a space. Our founder, Lilly Gately, set out to create a design company that brings elegance, style, and functionality to every space. Based in Denver, CO, we are proud to serve the local community and beyond with our exceptional design services.

Our Design Style
We have a distinct design style that merges modern and antique elements to create a truly unique and timeless look. We believe that the perfect balance of old and new can result in a space that is sophisticated, intriguing, and full of character. We are skilled in incorporating vintage and antique pieces into modern interiors, adding a sense of history and depth to your space. We take pride in sourcing one-of-a-kind vintage and antique treasures that you won't find in stores, making your space truly special and exclusive.

Why Choose Us
Choosing Lilies & Lumens Interiors means partnering with a design firm that is committed to delivering exceptional results. Our passion for design, dedication to customer satisfaction, and expertise in merging modern and antique elements set us apart. We take pride in our inclusive approach, making our design services accessible and affordable to customers of all ages and backgrounds. Our personalized and collaborative design process ensures that your unique style, preferences, and budget are carefully considered throughout the entire design journey. With our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and finding unique vintage and antique pieces, you can trust us to create a space that is both modern and timeless, reflecting your individuality and creating a lasting impression.